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My self Rajan, I was operated for knee fracture 10 years back at some other orthopaedic surgeon but sur to some reason operation didn’t worked. I was having terrible pain in my knee and I wad not able to bend it completely neither I was able to sit. Some one suggested me Dr Swapnil Gadge, so I went to Gadge Hospital with all these problem which I was suffering from last 8 years. Dr Swapnil examined me and he suggested me for Joint Replacement, being so kind he explained me and answered me ally my queries and assured me that after operation I will be able to do alll My activities that I use to do earlier that too pain free. He operated on me in Aug 2018 and started with post operative Physiotherapy protocol and now today I am so very happy and very thankful to Dr Swapnil to give me my earlies pain free indipendent life back. Now I am able to do all those activities which I was not able to do since last 8 years. Thank you Dr Swapnil Gadge
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