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'best orthopedic surgeon in dharampeth'
I am Mr Sumeet. I had pain in my hip joint since 1 year. I was not able to walk. I went to Gadge Hospital, Dharampeth, Nagpur where I consulted Dr Swapnil Gadge, Joint Replacement and Orthopaedic Surgeon. He did my Hip Replacement Surgery and made me walk on very next day of surgery. I am pain free now and is able to walk normally and doing all my daily activities.
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I had pain since 20 years with difficulty un walking. In 31 dec I fell down and was unable to walk and bear weight on my left limb. So I visited Gadge Hopital where Dr Swapnil Gadge did my TOTAL HIP REPLACEMENT and even added to my surprise that he make my both legs of equal length which earlier was shorter more than 3 inches. Now I am pai free and walking normally Thanks to Dr Swapnil
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