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Polytrauma patient with complex pelvis fracture. Patient operated in emergency all fracture fixed Immidiately case operated by Dr Swapnil Gadge and Dr Vivek Gadge.
The Joint Replacement Center has been offering excellent patient care services and a wide range of treatment options such as implantation of patient-specific devices, Advanced Joint Replacement Surgery and Minimally Invasive Anterior Hip Replacement. In Nagpur visit Gadge Hospital.
Shoulder arthroscopy is a surgical procedure in which an arthroscope is inserted into the shoulder joint. The benefits of arthroscopy are smaller incisions, faster healing, a more rapid recovery, and less scarring. Arthroscopic surgical procedures are often performed on an outpatient basis and the patient is able to return home on the same day.
Joint Replacement procedure involving removal of worn-out cartilage from the joint followed by joint resurfacing with a replacement implant that mimics the normal joint is recommended for the patients who after having tried conservative non-surgical treatments have not been able to get relief from their debilitating joint pain. Most commonly, people with severe or end-stage arthritis undergo joint replacement. We offer high quality and affordable joint replacement surgery for patients having a wide range of problems such as inflammatory joint problems, rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis of hip, knee, shoulder, elbow, ankle etc. Our Services • Total Hip Replacement • Total Knee Replacement • Partial Knee (Uni/Bi condylar) Knee Replacement • Minimally Invasive Knee Replacement surgery
Minimally invasive Total Hip Replacement. Single stage Bilateral hip replacement, making patient walk on next day of operation
Our team of Orthopaedic surgeons, Intensivists, Rehabilitation personnel and Trained nursing staff offers holistic treatment and rehabilitation to the patients with varied orthopaedic ailments. Equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure and cutting-edge technology, the centre offers the most advanced Minimally Invasive surgery for Joint reconstruction. The centre has been offering high end arthroscopic and minimally invasive joint replacement surgeries including Hip and knee replacements, Hip resurfacing, Partial Knee Replacement as well as Shoulder and Elbow Joint Replacements. Also, limb salvage procedures, surgeries for correction of deformities as well as bone tumor surgeries are also carried out here. So Please Contact Gadge Hospital For consultation.
If you choose to have your hip or knee joint replacement with us, you will be treated by the best orthopedic surgeons specializing in joint replacement, and will be cared for in Nagpurs leading private hospital. All patients treated Joint Replacement will follow the Enhanced Recovery Pathway (ERP), a process that has been specifically designed to support and enhance physical recovery following your operation. This involves education before your procedure, helping you manage your pain, physiotherapy and addressing lifestyle and psychological factors to help you get back to good health. You will be closely involved in decision-making, and will be invited to have a relative or friend act as your ‘coach’ and support. For more detail Contact to Dr. Swapnil Gadge.