WHY Gadge Hospital ?

  • Assured Results
    Our skilled and experienced team will ensure that your operation will have long-lasting results - results that should last the rest of your life. Through 36 years of practice, 95 percent of our patients have not needed follow-up surgeries. So we offer you this surgery with assured results*.
    *Conditions Apply 
  •     Advanced Techniques
    You will be able to quickly return to a normal, active life with minimal pain and effort thanks to our advanced surgical techniques, computer navigation technology, along with the best implants, pain control methods, and protocols to minimize risks, all of which have been developed by our surgeons.
  •     Experienced Surgeons
    Over the last 30 years, our surgeons have transformed the lives of over thousands of patients, giving us unmatched experience and depth of knowledge. Our team led by renowned Surgeon, Dr Vivek Gadge and Dr Swapnil Gadge , will put that experience to work for you from diagnosis through treatments.
  •     Patient Satisfaction
    We assure our patients of complete satisfaction with their operations, enabling them to return to previous levels of activity, travel, and recreation. You can join our community of thousands of patients who are happy that they have had treatment from leaders in the field of Orthopaedic surgery at Gadge Hospital.

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